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Wholesale boots NZ is a safety footwear company based in Pukekohe, New Zealand. We are a 100% Kiwi owned company. Spirale Group has been designing and producing safety gumboots since 1975 in Italy. These two companies have joined forces to bring good quality, light weight comfortable gumboots to Kiwis.

agriculture boots


Comfort and protection from farm to forest.

boots for the food industry


Anti-slip boots and high resistance to oils, fats, and detergents.

boots for construction


Protection for your feet on the work site.

Technology & Materials

Driven by our ongoing quest for innovation and protection, NORA Superior polyurethane boots are a symbol of Italian excellence in the safety boot industry. Crafted from advanced materials, find out how these boots are the right choice for you.

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Our comfort promise

We understand the importance of comfort, that’s why we prioritise the fit and comfort of all our boots.

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NORA, innovation and design Made in Italy

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